Decorating for a Holiday Party

decorating for a holiday partyThe holiday season is in full swing and that means lots of time with friends and family! Anxiety is also high this time of the year. All the things we love can cause us lots of stress. The leading cause of anxiety during the holidays? Hosting a holiday party is likely high on that list. If you are hosting a party this holiday season we have some ideas to decorate so you can focus less on the stress of planning, and more on the enjoyment of being with friends and family!

According to InStyle one great stress free way to decorate for a holiday party is to make a candy bar. We love this idea, especially since alcohol tends to rein supreme during holiday get-togethers. Use different sized apothecary jars to create a mini candy bar, or candy store. Use a coffee cart and you can have someone bring it around to your guests.

Most of the concentration when decorating for a holiday party centers around the table. Most parties this time of the year involve lots of food, making the holiday table cramped. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find room for an elegant centerpiece or other easy accents. Greenery is perfect for the table this time of the year, whether it’s a simple tabletop tree or a plant with some pine cone accents.

Use Christmas wreaths for any easy pop of holiday cheer. Christmas wreaths come in various sizes, or you can make your own. Use the wreaths outdoors on a door to welcome your guests. They also work great outside around a porch. You can also hang them above a fireplace mantle or on any larger door inside the home!

Another way to make your table more festive is with candles. Dim the lights and give your holiday party a romantic feel with Christmas candles. You can find scented candles, although don’t go overboard. A few simple wax candles in red or white with one festive scented candle is enough.

Another simple time for decorating for a holiday party is to remember to leave some ornaments off your Christmas tree. You can use some ornaments to decorate the walls and windows of your home. Ornaments also make great accent pieces, as napkin holders, for example. There are plenty of flat ornaments that can be hung or used as accents.

If your party includes gifts, they can be a part of the décor. Scatter your presents around the tree and wrap them with simple white paper, a red ribbon and tie some candy into the ribbon. Opt for a “White Christmas” theme for your party to make it more classic. Use a traditional green tree but decorate with all white ornaments and lights to accent the presents.

While most of the decorating centers on the main areas guests will be (living room, dining room, etc), don’t forget about other rooms your guests will visit. The kitchen is a popular gathering place during holiday parties. Make sure to showcase any holiday décor you can in the kitchen. We suggest hanging mistletoe somewhere in a kitchen entrance. You can also hang garland across the entrances for a festive way to welcome guests (especially if they will enter your home through the kitchen). Add simple touches to your bathroom as well. Use a dry erase board to hang with special Christmas greetings and don’t forget about some festive holiday towels for guests to use.

Christmas cookies are very popular at holiday parties. Make your party more festive by inviting your guests to bring one or two of their favorite Christmas cookies to the party. Then set out place-cards next to each cookie batch to have your guests fill out with the recipe. A Christmas cookie exchange is a great way to get guests who may not know one another to start conversations and will add to the festivities for the holidays.

Those are some of our favorite ways to help you get ready for your holiday parties! Have your own tips? Share them with us here or comment on our Facebook page!

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Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas Using Our Holiday Items

Christmas is just around the corner! While we’re still working on thawing our turkeys and making our stuffing, it’s about the time of the year to think about how to decorate your home for the holidays.

Decorating for Christmas is the most fun way to transform the home, because it’s usually the time of the year that the entire family is involved. As a child I used to love when the Christmas tree would come into the home and mom and I spent the weekend putting up the ornaments.

At Floral Home Decor our holiday décor encompasses that spirit. We offer a lot of different items for Christmas decorating that you can use in very unique ways.

Take for example, our holiday mailbox swag unique christmas decorations(pictured). We have a few different styles, and they are all our best selling items. While they’re great for the mailbox (hence, the name) you can use these in a number of other ways inside or outside the home. Since they’re resilient to outdoor weather, you can also mount them on a porch railing, above the entrance to your home, or even on the roof! But they can work inside the home as well. You can hang the mailbox swag above a mantle, doorway, or window.

Our Christmas wreaths are also a popular-selling item this time of the year. They work great above a fireplace or outside on a door. But you can think outside the box and use Christmas wreaths to add texture to your home. Hang them on a wall to give it a different dimension. Leave a few wreaths scattered on the floor next to presents. We really love using wreaths in the bedroom, or in a downstairs den. Typically the living room gets all the Christmas love. But adding holiday wreaths in other rooms of the home makes the entire house fill with the spirit of the season.

We also offer Christmas bows that will do anything that your imagine desires! Need a pop of red on your tree? Hang a Christmas bow in the center for a striking look. Add a bow to each of the stockings hanging in your home. Bows can be tied to lamps inside, or light-posts outside. We love using our bows as accent pieces to some of our wreaths and garlands. Many of our bows are available in different sizes and materials, meaning some work great as small accents, and larger bows work better mounted on the side of a mantle. You can even use them to help wrap your presents!

We’ve also made a few centerpieces and garlands that can be used in different ways. Most come with bendable wire that you can use to shape the centerpieces and garlands as you wish. Make one into an oval to hang on a shelf with a snowglobe in the center. You can use them around the base of your tree, if you have a fake tree you don’t have to water. Garlands are great to hang on a fence outside the home, or in the back of your car, to take Christmas with you when you’re on the go!

Those are a few fun, unique ways you can use our popular holiday designs to make your home fun and festive this Christmas season! For more information please view our full catalog of holiday decorations on our Pinterest page.

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14 Easy Weekend Decorating Ideas

easy-weekend-decoratingStaring at the same four walls can get a little old. Still, you work hard so you don’t have a lot of free time to work on improving your home’s look. If this sounds like you, good news! There are lots of simple ways that you can give your home a refreshing new look during the weekend. Using any of these ideas, once in awhile, will give you most of your weekend to relax, while making your home just a little more elegant.

1. Install a paneled wall. A paneled accent wall isn’t expensive, or time-consuming. And it will create a dramatic backdrop in any room of your home!

2. Paint furniture. Use patterns for texture or just give a dresser a new look with a fresh coat of paint.

3. Turn mason jars into décor. Use a mason jar as a soap dispenser, candle holder, vase, or anything else. Mason jars create an instant country-inspired look to the home, and you probably have a few just laying around.

4. Take a class. Sometimes the simplest projects take a little know-how. Take a weekend class with friends or family to learn things like string art or cross stitching that you can use on a few DIY decorating projects.

5. Create some shades. You can turn an old globe into a new lighting fixture, or glue a few paint sticks together to create a new overhead lamp shade.

6. Dish art. Have some dishes you don’t use anymore? Dishes can make surprisingly good artwork when arranged on a wall in a scattered pattern. Use some paint to create the look you want. This might also be a fun project if you have kids.

7. Group wood. Shop garage sales, thrift stores, or use what you have. Take wood objects of different shapes and looks and apply whitewash paint to each piece to make them look uniform. The perfect rustic look!

8. Re-grout tiles. It’s not the most fun job in the world. But applying some new grout to the tiles in your home can help them last longer and upgrade your home’s appeal.

9. Create mini domes. Snowglobes are popular in the winter and you can use their inspiration to create mini domes with your favorite figurines. Use a vase or long glass you don’t need placed over a figure or accent of your choice.

10. Paper quilt. Use scraps of paper to create artwork that looks like a comfy quilt!

11. Use a rolling cart. Rolling carts are a great addition to the home. They can be use to create your own little mini coffee cafe, or in the bathroom to store your beauty products.

12. Paint flower pots. Give those old pots new life with a simple touch of paint. Use patterns to create funky color combos.

13. Get creative with crates. An old crate creates that rustic appeal people crave. They can be used to store umbrellas, or as a toy chest.

14. Stick wall decals. Wall decals sound like they will ruin your walls, but they actually have a lot of elegant options. If you don’t want to repaint and need more texture in the home wall decals are the perfect option.

Those are some of our ideas to decorate your home this weekend. Have your own? Share them with us here or tweet them to us on Twitter!

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Fall Home Decorating Guide

fall decoratingFall is approaching quickly and if your home needs some work there are several stylish fall decorating trends this year. The fall season offers more flexibility in home décor than most seasons. Elegant fall decorating trends can inspire you to delight your family and your guests with gorgeous displays. There are also simple steps you can take to make your home more cozy for your family. By properly preparing your home, and taking advantage of the colder season you will ensure that you’re home is a welcome retreat for you or your family after a long day of work or hayrides!

How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Fall is a great time to take a look at the exterior of your home. Before the snow and cold its examine the ground of your home. Look for any cracks in walkways or to the foundation. Fixing any issues with walkways or entryways before snow and ice can cause slippery conditions will help avoid tripping accidents.

Fall is an important time to fix those small things around the house that you have been putting off. One of the most important issues to fix now is to take care of any leaky faucets. Examine any faucets in the kitchen, bathrooms or outdoors and fix them now. Once a freeze hits a leaky faucet can cause serious damage including broken pipes, which are a major winter hassle to fix.

Fall is a great time to look at ways to improve your energy consumption. You can reduce your heating bills this fall and winter and you can help to save the environment by checking for any drafts in your home. Look at doorways for any cracks and seal them up before you need to turn on the heat. Check windows for any drafts that will cool your home. It will keep you warmer during the colder months.

Fall is also an important time to clean out your fireplace, if you have one. Many people will use their fireplace more than heaters during the fall and winter, especially if you live in climates that don’t get as harsh of a temperature drop. Remove old ashes and make sure the damper is open to allow air to move freely. Ensure the flue is operating correctly and call a professional if you have major issues.

Once the leaves fall you should also clean out your gutters. Remove leaves and other debris from the gutters and drainpipes. Removing these debris will ensure that your gutters won’t be damaged by a buildup of ice and junk. If you have outdoor faucets you should also make sure they are drained before the first freeze.

Simple Fall Decorating Tips

Don’t have a ton of time to decorate? You can still make your home elegant this fall using these simple tips!

Fall fruits and veggies are always popular elements in fall decorating. Think about the kids making jack-o-lanters, for example. But there are adult options as well. Using food elements can be easy, but you may need to replace them often! Putting some apples in a beautiful wooden bowl, for example, is a great addition to any coffee table. Using gourds around the fireplace or on a mantle also works. But these items can go bad and need to be switched, or go with the faux variety instead.

fall-wreaths-leaf-berryOne great idea for decorating for the fall is to incorporate as many colors as possible that relate to the season. Orange and brown are very common but don’t forget the dark reds and yellows that you can find in a lot of the changing colors on leaves. We incorporated a lot of bright yellows in our fall wreaths like our large fall sunflower and pumpkin door wreath. This fall wreath is very colorful with pumpkin that is created with a twig base. This fall wreaths measures 26 inches which makes it the perfect size for doors and mantels. The sunflowers add an extra dimension of color to our fall wreaths.

Sometimes fall decorating can be short-lived. Pumpkins, for example, do not have a good shelf life. But they provide a traditional look in the home. You can preserve your decorative pumpkins so they will last the entire season, instead of a few days. When you clean out the pumpkins make sure that you spray the inside with bleach. The pumpkins exterior should be glazed lightly with Vaseline. You can even paint the pumpkins different colors and use artwork before applying the Vaseline to get different appearances.

Foliage is a popular fall decorating item. Faux foliage offers a little more stability than the real thing, without a loss in quality. Simple pasting a few faux fall foliage leaves around the home is an easy and dynamic way to inject the fall season inside your home.

Lighting plays an underrated part in your home’s décor. Fall is a great time to play with the lighting in your home. The nights become longer and the “scary” vibes are in the air. Use a few well-placed lanterns in different areas of your home to create a serene look. If you don’t have lanterns available look into installing dimmers for your lights, or use darker shades on lamps.

Fall Decorating Trends

Fall decorating trends in the bedroom means going for a cozy, comfy look. Color schemes should focus on comfortable brown colors. Warm wool blankets are the perfect addition to the bed and bedding in brown shades from beige to chocolate make the bedroom feel warm and inviting. Accent the browns with some yellow. Using a color like yellow to brighten up the bedroom will ensure a sunny feel on those cold, grey fall days.

Vintage works well all year but it is especially popular in the fall. Using vintage vases, for example, give the home a rustic look that compliments the season. Canning is popular in the fall to help preserve the harvest for the winter. Using mason jars can be incorporated into your decorating as well. Simply use larger jars for storage of pastas, flour or other items and display in the kitchen.

When doing your home’s fall decorating you should think about neutral. Neutral colors are becoming very popular replacing traditional fall colors this season. The reason? People want their décor to utilize more texture and shapes instead of using contrasting colors. One popular way to combine texture and shapes is with some 3-D artwork. A textured home with neutral colors is the perfect way to make your home more serene for the fall.

Fall decorating trends also point to more mixing and matching than ever before. Rather than focusing too much on making a room match you can mix things up with different styles. This trend is perfect for people who want to have a fashionable home but want to let their creativity shine. So take that big risk you’ve been thinking about! If you’re not feeling especially creative one of the best ways to mix and match is using older and newer décor interchangeably (like an antique chair with a modern couch).

If you want something popular and fun for the whole family you can make some simple leaves to hang around your home. Use a light-weight paper (some recommend tissue paper but it’s not sturdy enough) and a few twigs you can find in your hard to make your leaves. Let the kids color them how they wish and hang them like garland throughout the home. They work great hanging in front of a large window!

Fall Decorating in the Living Room

Fall decorating in the living room should help bring your family together. Your décor in the living room during the fall season should encourage warm, cozy nights by the fire watching a favorite movie or visiting with family and friends during the holidays.

One of the most important fall decorating tips for the living room is to include more throw blankets and pillows. Fall signals a cool down and your living room should be an inviting place family members will come to warm up and spend time with each other. Adding extra blankets to wrap up in and a few extra pillows to help relax is the perfect way to enjoy the fall season. You can go the extra mile and add extra cozy factors like scented candles. Look for scented candles that will remind you of the season, like pumpkin spice or cinnamon.

Fall decorating inspires lots of different color options, however for the living room you should always use warm colors. Use natural colors that will bring the beauty of what is happening outside your home indoors. Use red drapes in rooms that have dark brown furniture. Find rugs that include yellows, browns and/or oranges.

Many people like to bring nature indoors during the fall. When decorating in your living room this fall you should avoid bringing in leaves and other items from your yard. Unless properly cleaned, items like these can be more of a problem than an addition. You could be bringing in extra dirt or bugs. At Floral Home Decor we offer a lot of silk products that are perfect for the fall. Using silks instead of real natural elements will give you the same look, without all the potential problems.

Floral Home Decor is proud to offer our Autumn Harvest Collection. We’re sure we have the perfect fall wreaths or silk flower arrangements for your fall home décor. We have silk flower arrangements that are perfect for anytime of the season and our fall wreaths and home décor is sure to provide style and elegance to your home’s décor. For more of our fall wreaths and other silk flower arrangements please visit our Pinterest boards.

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7 Affordable Curb Appeal Projects

Curb appealImproving your home’s curb appeal does a number of things for your home. Most importantly, it can impact the value of the home. If you’re looking to sell your home, working on the curb appeal will make it more attractive to potential buyers. The curb appeal also improves the aesthetic of the home. It makes your home more welcoming to your guests, and a place that you’ll be glad to return to at the end of a long day.

But improving your curb appeal by hiring lots of landscapers and professionals can cost thousands of dollars. Luckily there are a few affordable curb appeal projects you can do yourself. Here are a few ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal, increasing the elegance of the home without breaking the bank:

Style the Front Door. Improving the front door is the easiest way to update the curb appeal of your home. A simple paint job can add some contrast to the outside of your home. You can also dress up the front door with a silk wreath or other accent piece. You can even add some address numbers to the front door for a simple, positive touch.

Create a Walkway. If you have a large front yard, create a path for people to walk so they don’t have to step all over the lawn. A simple pathway using stones or a few pieces of slate will also make your home appear more elegant and rustic to passersby. It also makes the home more inviting to your guests.

Update the Mailbox. Yes your mailbox is up for grabs! Improve the look of the mailbox by replacing it with a new funky-design. Most designer mailboxes can be found starting at around $20. If you like your mailbox, but it’s a bit drab, dress it up. During the holidays we offer Christmas swags that fit perfectly on the mailbox.

Add Window Boxes. Turn your boring windows into the highlight of your curb appeal. Window boxes filled with flowers and plants will make your windows appear larger. They will also provide enjoyment inside the home, since you’ll also be able to see them in the interior of the home as well.

Plant a Tree. Adding some greenery to the front of your home has definite improvements on its curb appeal. Planting a tree can also provide some shade and keep your home cooler in the summer. Make sure when you plant a tree you understand how big the tree may get, and pick the spot you place it accordingly.

Work on the Beds. Garden beds are a great way to add life to the home and improve your curb appeal. Garden beds in the front of the home should be planted with annual flowers like pansies, impatiens or petunias for longer-lasting color. Look for flowers already in bloom at home improvement stores or retail stores to save even more money.

Mask the Eyesores. Some parts of the outside are more necessary than pretty. Take electric boxes, for example. They provide a needed function to the home, but aren’t the best-looking aspects of the outside. You can fix the eyesores and improve your curb appeal by masking them. Paint any boxes or meters the same color as the home’s exterior to help blend it with the rest of the home.

Those are a few simple ways to improve your home’s curb appeal! Have your own? Share them in our comments here, or comment on our Facebook page!

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2016 Trendy Fall Colors

trendy-fall-colorsFall is the time for warm, rich colors. Colors used in fall decorating should be cozy, and wrap around your home like a warm blanket. Fall is our favorite time of the year and we love the changing seasons because it opens up a whole new world in the home. Here are this year’s trendy fall colors that you can incorporate into your home’s décor!

Bronze. Bronze is a great color because it works from ceiling to floor, with different shades that offer complexity while not blending accents together. No, bronze will stand out, even mixed with similar hues. We love bronze in the fall because of its calming appeal. It’s formal, yet creates a welcoming atmosphere in the home. Bronze also works well with other fall colors, but as stated, is just as good on its own.

Pantone Riverside. Pantone is all about the blues this fall. It’s newest blue shade, Riverside is another calming color. It’s also cool and invokes strength and stability while not overpowering. Pantone loves blues like Riverside this fall because the sky-similar hues represent the consistency of change that fall brings. Blue is often used in other seasons, however fall is a great choice for this fall because it’s an often forgotten about heavy earth tone.

Pink. I know what you’re thinking, “Pink for the fall?” Yes! Think about that beautiful pink hue that the sky gets during sunset in the fall. That’s the pink that we believe should be incorporated into this year’s fall décor. It’s a refined, romantic look that is a little darker than the shades of pink you might find during the summer. It’s a color that relaxes and works well with darker, metallics that are popular this time of the year.

Dark Green. Any dark green lends itself well to the fall. The feeling of the forest envokes a relaxing, outdoorsy feel inside the home. While softer neutrals are starting to become more popular in the fall, we like the occasional bold look that dark green shades create in the home. Benjamin Moore offers a Seaweed Green that is a great choice if you’re looking for a bold statement in the home this fall.

Dusty Cedar. Another Pantone creation for this fall, Dusty Cedar is a nod to Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz. It’s similar to the sunset-pink we mentioned above, but is much more bold. It’s (like the name suggests) a dustier color and rose-toned. It’s a wonderful color to use in your home because it’s warm and welcoming.

Chocolate-Brown. Chocolate colors are extremely popular in the fall, because they work so well with popular fall colors like brown, orange and yellow. Chocolate furniture is especially popular to use in the fall. It gives the home the feel of being in a cabin in the woods, tucked in with a blanket and hot coco.

Spicy Mustard. Spicy Mustard is another Pantone choice for fall. We love Spicy Mustard because it’s a bold, vibrant color that lends itself well to home decorating. Spicy Mustard would go perfect with any metallic-inspired home, offering contract and a compliment to any décor and typical fall color. It’s spicy (as the name suggests) but also unexpected. It will create a “Wow!” factor in your home!

Red Wine. In fall, skip the white wines. When you’re decorating try to incorporate some red-wine colors. The dark reds and purples work perfect with hues of forest green. Dark wine colors create a warm, subtle and complex look in the home. Remember, a little of this hue goes a long way. Use in accents, but simply.

Corn Silk. Corn Silk, by Benjamin Moore is a fun play on more neutral fall hues. Looking at this color, I’m reminded of fall mornings when the dog is laying near the window to bathe in the sun. It has a warmth in it not offered by bolder fall colors. It’s a very comfortable choice, but offers a uniqueness that you won’t find with similar hues.

Those are some of our favorite choices for the fall. Have your own? Share them here or on our Facebook page! And don’t forget to browse our Autumn Harvest Collection for the best fall wreaths and other fall décor!

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14 Ways to Display Silk Flowers

silk flowersSilk flowers offer a tremendous amount of versatility to home decorating. They can be customized, arranged and displayed in a number of different ways. Here’s a few ways that we like to display our creations:

1. In wall sconces. Silk flowers look great overflowing from a wall sconce. It’s a unique way to re-purpose an old lighting fixture to create something that can spruce up a bland wall.

2. In the bathroom. You can add beautiful silk flowers in your bathroom. They work great between couple’s sinks or anywhere that needs a pop of color.

3. Mixed with greenery. Silk flowers and silk greenery go well together. When you use faux plants and flowers you can interchange them more than the real thing, since you don’t have to worry about them dying out. Mixing some bright flowers with green creates a wonderful pop of color in your home.

4. On an end table. Silk arrangements work great on an end table. You can find various smaller arrangements that won’t take up a whole table, but will add subtle color in any room in your home.

5. In picture frames. Using silk flowers in picture frames creates a beautiful piece of art in your home. It’s a lot easier to buy silk stems rather than dehydrate and try to preserve real flowers, without a loss in quality!

6. In the kitchen. The kitchen takes a lot of work to maintain and clean. That’s why people tend to avoid putting flowers in the kitchen (it’s one more thing to maintain). But silk flowers are a great addition to a counter top in the kitchen and you can leave them there as long as you’d like! For best results, try to keep them away from a counter that receives a lot of sun light.

7. On a mantle. Put silk flowers on a mantle to compliment ivy or other greenery.

8. As a centerpiece. Yes today’s silk flowers are made with quality materials. They’re so life-like you can make them the start of your family gatherings by placing an arrangement on the table as the centerpiece!

9. In a hallway. Hallways can be the forgotten parts of the home. But you can add wonderful, tall silk flower arrangements in the hallway to add a pop of color for anyone entering your home. Use big flowers in large vases in hallways for maximum effect.

10. In a sunroom/sitting room. Silk flowers offer a natural look and work great in a room that you use to escape. Tropical arrangements are the perfect addition to a room that’s meant for wonder and escape.

11. On party tables. Some people use silk flowers as wedding centerpieces. While they work well for that event, you can use them for other parties and big events. Plus, they can be stored away and reused for another celebration in the future.

12. On doors. Silk wreaths contain beautiful flowers that can be displayed on your home’s door to welcome guests, or inside on any door in your home.

13. In a home office. Yes most people use fake plants in offices (home or traditional). But if you work from your home, think about flowers instead. A great arrangement in your office offers a calming accent on your most stressful days.

14. In the bedroom. It goes without saying, arrangements work well in any room in your home. But the bedroom is where silk flowers are most popular (aside from the living room). The reason? It’s a great way to add color and most silk arrangements have the color patterns that work best with bedroom décor.

Those are a few of our favorite ways to display silk flowers! Have your own? Share them with us here or post your pictures on our Facebook page!

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Keep Your House Clean Longer

cleaning-268126_1280Cleaning seems like a never-ending process. Whether you’re single, a couple, have kids or pets, keeping the home clean can be a challenge. I used to clean once in awhile, allowing things to pile up until I had to turn an entire day into a “clean the house day,” that would take hours and leave me exhausted. But there is an easier way to clean your home, and keep it clean. While it takes a little daily maintenance, simple steps to keeping the house clean longer will make your life a lot easier and keep your home sparkling.

Make the Bed

Studies have shown that people in the habit of making their bed tend to have a cleaner home. It has to do with productivity. The more productive among us make their bed every day after they wake up. It will also inspire you to do more to clean the home. If you have a nice made-up bed, for example, but see a pile of clothes on the floor, you’re more likely to clean that mess up!

Clean the Kitchen Daily

Cleaning the kitchen every day doesn’t mean you have to scrub the floors daily. But you should clean up if you make a mess in the kitchen as soon as you can. Immediately wipe down counters after cooking a big meal. Also, guard against clutter. Keep appliances organized so they aren’t in the way, and put them away immediately after using them. Don’t forget about the sink either. Once you empty out the sink by washing dishes, wipe the sink down. Doing these simple things around your kitchen will have it looking like new for a long time. Even when I do let things go, the kitchen is always the easiest room to clean for me because I always wipe it down daily.

Keep Paper Organized

More people are working from home, or bringing work home with them. That, combined with bills, general mail, and other items mean your home can be cluttered with paper fairly easily. Have a place to put all your important papers and have a file system when you no longer need them. A file cabinet works great to help eliminate clutter.

Leave You Shoes at the Door

Shoes track in lots of dirt, sand, mud and other unwanted particles into the home. If you remove your shoes as soon as you walk into your home and keep them there, your floors will stay cleaner longer. For larger families, or people with lots of shoes, get a shoe rack to place near the door to put you in the habit of removing your footwear upon entering the home. This will also encourage guests to do the same.

Schedule the Big Cleaning

Small, daily cleaning won’t totally replace the need for a big clean. Plan each week (or as needed) some free time to scrub toilets, bathtubs and floors. If you add a cleaning schedule to your routine you are more likely to keep up. And as you clean more consistently, you’ll find the cleaning becomes easier. I started cleaning the tub more often and now it takes about half the time it used to take to get it shiny and looking like new!

Clean as You Go

Just like you should wipe things down in the kitchen after cooking a meal, you should not let things build up. Cleaning as you go means you won’t have to do as much during those “big clean” days. Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink. Wash them or put them immediately in the dishwasher. If food drops on the floor, pick it up asap. That will make sweeping a breeze.

Put Things Away After Using Them

This is more a habit for kids, although I know plenty of adults that have this habit. You take something out, let’s say a DVD for example, and leave it out when you are done using it. The next thing you know, your living room looks like an episode of Hoarders. Put something away after you use it and your home will look less cluttered. If you have kids, they will notice your habits and be more likely to put their toys away when you tell them.

Those are a few ways we like to keep the home clean for longer! Have your own advice? Post your comments here or Tweet them to us @FloralHomeDecor!

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Decorating With Silk Flowers

silk flowersFor people who love the fresh look of bright blooms silk artificial flowers are the perfect choice to decorate any home. Silk flowers offer a great option to decorate and add color to your home no matter what the season is. These creations are also a more cost-effective decorating investment because they last, and quality silk flowers look just as good as the real thing. Here is some of our favorite ways to use silks to create an elegant look in your home!

Tip #1: Use Wall Planters

If you’re home already has a cluttered look, or you’re lacking space to decorate, adding silk artificial flowers to a table top or counter may not be the best option. If that’s the case you can still bring a beautiful floral look to your home by adding silk flowers to wall planters. Dressing up the walls around your home will provide a stunning dimension to any room.  At Floral Home Decor we can create a custom look with our beautiful wall sconces.

Tip #2: Mix Silk Flowers of Varying Height

When arranging your silk artificial flowers make sure they don’t have the same height. The contrast in the heights will add to a more beautiful look when silk flowers are arranged in the same vase. Don’t forget to vary the colors as well. Choose silk artificial flowers that are taller with vivid colors for the back of the vase and put the shorter silk flowers in the front.

Tip #3: Group Your Vases

Adding one vase of beautiful silk artificial flowers will add an exquisite look to any home, but grouping your vases will really make your decorating stand out. Add a few smaller vases of silk flowers around a larger vase of silk artificial flowers or scatter the vase sizes and arrange to your preference. This type of silk artificial flowers display will look great on a dining room table, dresser, or even in front of a mirror. For a rustic look, think outsize of the box and use a tin can as a replacement for a vase for your silk artificial flowers.

Tip #4: Creative Ways to Use Silk Flowers

Use silk flowers in a way that will add a creative air into the room. Today’s silk flowers closely resemble the real thing so much that you can’t tell the difference so it’s important to create arrangements that resemble real floral types. We have several arrangements to choose from but you can also make your own creations (we also sell stems and pieces individually) like use smaller silk flowers to hang with a ribbon over a doorway.

Larger silk flowers can be used in a number of creative ways. A larger silk flower with a long stem doesn’t only belong in a vase. Use larger silk flowers as accent pieces in the bedroom. If you have a rustic, cottage inspired bedroom place a silk flower on a dresser or on the bed. You can also use silk flowers over bedroom windows. Use silk flowers with colors that coordinate with the walls and use hooks to display larger blooms. Larger silk flowers used in this fashion will help the room stand out and act as ready-made art for your home.

If you use silk flowers in a vase there are lots of creative options. Look on Pinterest for inspiration and remember that vases have come a long way from the plain clear options. Todays vases are made from everything from ceramic to colored glass and everything in between. You can find vintage heirloom vases for your silk flowers at antique shops. Always use authentic vases with silk flowers.

When you buy silk flowers make sure you display them in different areas of your room. You can rotate the silk flowers easier if you scatter them and it will help if you’re concerned about your family or guests looking at the same décor over and over. You can also rotate your silk flowers based on seasons. And always be sure to clean your arrangements often. Dust accumulates on silk flowers frequently so be sure to dust them often.

One unique way that silk arrangements can be used is to help your mood. It’s been known as the “winter blahs” for decades now, however seasonal effective disorder is a real problem for many people who struggle with their moods during the winter. Millions of people all over the country suffer from the disease, however silk flowers can help to improve your mood. Because faux flowers are lasting you can bring brighter colors of flowers into your home no matter what time of the year it is. Adding a silk flower arrangement with summer colors can provide instant relief from the winter blues. You can even buy several arrangements and add some other décor to an extra room to create a tropical paradise you can escape to whenever you want.

You can also reuse silk arrangements to create new designs. Sometimes certain silk flowers will fade while others in an arrangement retain their color. Instead of throwing the whole arrangement away you can save the best of the arrangements and create new arrangements using the leftovers you have. It’s good for the environment to repurpose your silk flowers and it will also help you save on costs by needing to replace your arrangements. You can also up-cycle your silk arrangements. Silk flowers can be reused in craft projects and you can also use them throughout the home in many different ways.

Silk flowers can also be used to add texture to your home. Texture is an important way to add elegance and style to your home, especially in the living room. Adding silk flowers to your living room or bedroom is the perfect way to add a different dimension to your home. Faux flowers also made good centerpieces on a dining room table or on a coffee table in your living room.

Tip #5: Use Silks in Your Crafts.

Silk flowers can be artwork themselves. You can create silk flower art with a shadow box or frame with removable glass, a few contrasting artificial flowers, spray paint and a glue gun. Custom artwork and home accents will give your home unmatched uniqueness. You can also attach your flowers onto a lampshade that would make the perfect romantic look in your bedroom or any other room in your home.

Silks can also be used for kids crafts. Help the kids with their summer reading by encouraging them to create their own bookmarks using silk flowers. For the girls an easy summer accessory is a flower headband that she can make herself with an old headband and her favorite colors. You can also attach silk flowers onto a hair clip or barrette. Options are endless when it comes to kids, and encouraging them to explore their creative side isn’t just busy work for the summer, it’s helpful to their overall development.

Your craft ideas shouldn’t be contained to your home. The office can be a drab place however you can spruce up your desk with a few silk flowers. Just like you can attach silk flowers to picture frames, you can do the same thing with your message board at work. Silk arrangements also work great glued onto a pencil holder. Place a ring of ribbon tied around the holder so you have somewhere to glue the flowers that will hold them.

Tip #6: Use Silk Products on Your Home’s Door.

Using wreaths on a door is one great way to add home décor to the outside of your home. We offer a large collection of silk flowers and wreaths for your door. We have spring wreaths and holiday wreaths plus wreaths for all seasons. If you don’t like wreaths think about using door swag instead. Our door swag is make from silk flowers and is the perfect way to add some creativity to your home décor.

Another great idea for home décor for your door is to use wallpaper. Many people use wallpaper around the home but it can add a lot of style to your door as well. Using wallpaper can be an easy and fun DIY project that is simple while still allowing you the chance to be creative. Just glue the wallpaper like you would placing it on a wall and use some clear lacquer to finish.

For a front door with a little extra you can also think about using stained glass. There are stained glass artists all over the nation who can create a custom creation for your front door. Your home décor will truly be yours with your very own stained glass creation and it will add a lot of interest to your home.

If your home décor is limited by budget don’t forget that a fresh coat of paint can completely transform your front door and your overall home décor look. Add contrasting colors and use colorblocked patterns  for a modern look. You can also browse antique shops to look for a stylish retro door if you want a completely different look for your home décor but aren’t in the market for a brand new door.

Tip #7: Use Silks in Your Kitchen.

When thinking about decorating your kitchen for the summer months remember your accents. Invite people into your kitchen this summer by brightening things up. Use silk flowers instead of real flowers to provide a colorful pop in the kitchen without having to worry about the upkeep. Orange and red colors have been shown to increase people’s appetites. Use bright colors in dish towels, utensils, and dishes. You can also update the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint in your favorite bright summer colors.

Storage canisters can also get a makeover for the summer. Find canisters with summery-designs to display your favorite cookies, or to store your pastas. Keep your storage canisters neutral to highlight the summer designs on the canisters.

Going retro is another great option for decorating your kitchen for the summer. Going retro can be a fun project for the family with lots of trips to yard sales, thrift stores and vintage or antique shops to find the perfect fit for your home. If you’re not big into shopping and more of a do-it-yourself person, you can even paint unfinished furniture a bright white or red and then finish it with some vintage-looking flowers or patterns.

If you do a lot of outdoor cooking in the summer there are several ways to decorate your outdoor space to keep it welcoming for your guests. Opt for tables that encourage large gatherings and communal sharing. Using bar countertops with high bar chairs can create a relaxing and neutral look for your outdoor space. If you don’t have a lot of room you can find a cozy cafe table and chair combination for your outdoor entertaining.

Extra Credit: Decorating With Silk Flowers by Color

Using silk flowers that are white can give you lots of options. White silk flowers go great in a room with a lot of dark, mahogany furniture to add some contrast. You can also use white silk flowers in an all white bedroom that will create a natural, clean and refreshing look. If you are looking to match silk flowers in arrangements white silk flowers go great with blues.

If you buy flowers that are the traditional rose-colors you can use them almost anywhere in your home. The rose color goes great with brass, metals, and golds. You can add them near a lamp on an end table. Use lighter pink roses to decorate a room with dark reds and use traditional rose-colored silk flowers in rooms with lighter colors. It’s important to remember that a little red goes a long way. So don’t try to add dark-rose colored silk flowers to rooms that already have red elements like paint, furniture, etc.

The color blue signifies strength and blue silk flowers can go great with a lot of different options. Use blue silk flowers in a white kitchen for a fresh look or in the bedroom for some contrast. Find a lighter green vase to display your blue silk flowers in lighter rooms. Blue silk flowers can be complimented with yellow flowers, sunflowers and the versatility of blue means you can display the silk flowers anytime of the year.







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Choosing the Right Silk Flowers

silk flowersSilk flowers are more versatile than they seem. You may buy an arrangement and think that’s it. However picking the right silk flowers is an important step in your decorating process. The silk flowers you choose may be great for you, may be transformed into something different, or may be the perfect color to add to your home. They also work for a variety of important moments in life. Silk arrangements are even great for people who can’t have real flowers. Whatever your reasons for buying silk flowers, this guide will help you make the right choice.

Choosing Silk Flower Arrangements By Color

Different colors have different uses around the home. Choosing silk flower arrangements by color can be difficult because most arrangements have different color schemes. Many designers pick colors according to a color wheel which has different options you can pick:


This color style uses a variation of the same color. For example, a collection composed of red, dark reds, and pinks. Using monochromatic styles of silk flower arrangements is perfect if you are looking for a clean, elegant and balanced style for your décor. Monochromatic color patterns are also a great choice for seasonal decorating since all the colors will blend together.


This color pattern uses related color schemes and their shades next to each other. This pattern creates richer silk flower arrangements with slightly more variety than monochromatic styles. Reds are grouped with purples, yellows with oranges, and blues with greens. Analogous arrangements are great for summer decorating.


The complementary color schemes will use colors that contrast in a warm and cool manner. These colors are opposite one another on the color wheel. Red is the compliment of green, yellow is the complement of purple and orange is the complement of blue. This color scheme intensifies colors while softening and creating harmony. These silk flower arrangements exhibit colors in nature and provide a lot of character.


The triadic color scheme uses three colors equally spaced around the color wheel for a rich, vibrant look. Triadic silk flower arrangements tend to be the most interesting however they can be difficult to assemble. Each color hue can fight for attention so it takes a skillful designer to put them together in a pleasing, balanced manner. Tints and shades of colors can soften the harshness of unrelated colors.

Caring for Silk Flower Arrangements

Dust is likely to accumulate on your silk flower arrangements over time so it is important to keep your silk flowers as dust free as possible. Make sure that you use a feather duster on your silk flowers when dusting. Feather dusting will provide a gentle cleaning to your silk flowers and while it won’t remove all built up dust and grime it will be helpful for light silk flower arrangements cleaning.

For tougher cleaning jobs use a can of compressed air or you can buy some ozone safe aerosol spray for silk flowers. A can of compressed air can help remove dust that has accumulated over time but using it can risk damage to your silk flower arrangements. If you think compressed air would be too much for your flowers the aerosol spray that is both ozone friendly and made specifically for silk flowers can be used. Sprays are also good for grime built up on your silk flower arrangements. Using sprays can also add fragrance to your silk flowers and most sprays will also help protect your silk flower arrangements.

Using salt is also a popular way to clean your silk flower arrangements. To use salt find a large paper bag and pour about a cup of salt in the bag. Then remove your silk flowers from their containers and add to the bag. Seal the bag and shake as vigorously as your silk flower arrangements will allow. The salt will remove all the grime and dust from the leaves and pedals. It is also possible to clean your silk flowers with cold water that is mixed with dishwashing soap. Remember to be gentle when cleaning your silk flowers with water and soap and never use warm or hot water on your silk flower arrangements.

Health Benefits of Silk Flower Arrangements

Home decorating can be an expensive task, and time consuming. Silk flowers provide an alternative that is not only able to save you time, but also money and your health. Buying flowers over and over each season can add a lot of costs to your home budget. Silk flower arrangements, on the other hand, can provide a lasting and fresh look to any home. Silk flowers also offer health benefits that real flowers can’t.

Silk flower arrangements are perfect for home owners or apartment renters who are looking for a clean look around the home without the mess of real flowers. In addition to being more cost-effective, silk flower arrangements can have health benefits around the home. Silk flowers eliminate the potential for bugs around the house as well as the potential for mold and mildew that come with real flowers. If you have someone in your home with allergy problems, you know that fresh flowers can bring in unwanted allergy triggers. Silk flower arrangements can allow you to have beautiful floral options around the home that won’t cause discomfort for others. Silk flowers that are able to be planted outside can also eliminate the need for chemicals like fertilizers and decrease your overall carbon footprint.

As Spring approaches and many home owners being to think about home decorating projects it is important to remember the flowers. While silk flower arrangements can provide a lot of aesthetic benefits for your home, silk flowers can also actually be good for your health. A study conducted by Dr. Haviland-Jones at Rutgers University found that flowers have a strong positive effect on our emotional well being. The study shows that plants can bring out a positive emotional feeling in anyone who enters a room where they are displayed. Silk flowers can provide all these same visual benefits without any of the work it takes to maintain real flowers.

Silk Flowers As Gifts

Choose Silk Flowers for Your Valentine

If you want to give your loved one something he or she can treasure, and you want them to be flowers, think about silk flowers for Valentine’s Day. Silk flowers often have a bad rap, however if you choose a quality arrangement you’ll find that your loved one will have these flowers in their home for a very long time.

One of the main reasons why you should choose silk flowers for Valentine’s Day over the real thing is cost. Real flowers cost, on average, about $34 for a very good arrangement. We have several arrangements that include roses that cost less than $200. While that may not sound like a great deal, remember the longevity factor. Why pay $34 for something that will be dead in a few days when you can buy a quality arrangement that will last for years? If you are on a budget you can also buy a few silk flower stems instead of a full arrangement and create your own bouquet instead.

Silk flowers also offer convenience. You really don’t have to do much to maintain a quality arrangement. There’s no messy pots, watering or upkeep. Silk flowers are there to be enjoyed, not maintained. Typically arrangements only need to be cleaned about once a month. All you really need to do is dust them a little and occasionally spray them with a cleaning solution to ensure they last a long time.

Many people avoid silk flowers because they have a bad rep. But today’s silks are made using the finest quality materials. You just have to know where you should look. If you buy a cheap arrangement at the dollar store, for example, you will save lots of money. But again, they won’t last. Find a reputable designer who uses the right materials and you will have a gift for your valentine that keeps on giving.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Silk flowers are also a great choice for mom! A recent study by CreditDonkey found that around 60-percent of responders said they were planning on spending the same on mom’s Mother’s Day gift this year and almost half of those surveyed planned on giving flowers as a gift for Mother’s Day. Silk flowers for Mother’s Day is perfect for anyone on a budget. With silk flowers you get more for your money than traditional flowers. Silk flowers will well-outlast traditional flowers and there are more options to choose from. Plus silk flowers don’t need to be maintained so mom’s gift won’t be another added chore for her around her home.

What type of silk flowers to buy for Mother’s Day depends on you and your mom’s personal preferences. If mom likes a little flair consider silk flowers with bright and vibrant colors. If mom is more conservative in her décor tastes consider silk flowers with darker tones that can act as a nice centerpiece on a table. If mom is looking for plants around the home but doesn’t have the time to maintain real plants consider silk trees or other silk greenery.

If you buy silk flowers for Mother’s Day don’t have them shipped to mom. Make sure that you send the silk flowers to your address and provide a personal touch. Find some packaging for your silk flowers and add a personalized card. If silk flowers come in a vase you can simply add the card to the vase and wrap everything together. For an added touch and to make mom’s Mother’s Day more special give her the gift when you take her out to a nice dinner.

Re-Purposing Silk Flowers:

For some people used silk flowers offer a great opportunity to create a new look for a personal item. Many people will use some smaller flowers or buds to decorate their favorite accessories. Using smaller silk flowers on purses or bags are a popular way to add a pop of color to the bag.

Another option for smaller flowers or buds is to insert them into hair accessories. The flower look isn’t just for the hippies in the 1960s, it’s a popular trend among many young adults and silk flowers provide the perfect lasting look. You can even use some of your larger flowers for even more pop in your wardrobe.

Instead of throwing away, recycling or donating silk flowers many people will try to repurpose them. Over time silk flowers can lose their color, however many people will create a new look by adding a touch of paint to the flowers. There is a pint that you can by, called floral paint that is specific for repurposing silk flowers. Don’t try to use regular spray paint. Regular spray paint won’t stay on synthetic fabrics or plastics.

Other people will incorporate old silk flowers into their craft ideas. We will cover how to do this in future blogs, however a simple Google search of silk flower craft ideas will help get you started. You can do several vintage crafts with your old silks like creating a custom decorated gift basket for a friend. Some fake flowers can also be used to create gift cards.

Floral Home Decor invites you to explore our collection of silk flower arrangements on our website, or by connecting with us on Pinterest!

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