Outdoor Decorating with Silk Flowers

silk flowersIf you are looking for time saving ways to decorate outdoors silk flowers and silk flower arrangements may be able to provide an alternative to the real thing. Silks are perfect for anyone who has too much other responsibilities like work or family, but still want the look of fresh flowers around the home. Silk flowers can also provide a touch of color to homes in harsh climates where it is difficult to grow, or if your neighborhood has a lot of wild animals that eat plants. There is much controversy about using fake flowers outside. In fact, many professionals don’t recommend using silk flowers outdoors at all. But if you are willing to take a few extra steps you can make outdoor use of your arrangements.

Placement is key for using silk flowers outdoors. If you place silk flower arrangements in an outdoor area that sees a lot of sun silk flowers can become faded and need to be replaced often, which can add a lot of cost to your time saving idea. Buy high-quality silk flower arrangements if you are going to use them outdoors to ensure the color won’t fade as quickly as lower quality silk flowers. Also place your silk flower arrangements in outdoor areas where you won’t see a lot of direct sunlight. Placing silk arrangements in the shade will lengthen the life and the brightness of the flowers.

Where you want to use flowers to decorate your outdoor spaces is up to you but there are a few ideas that will help keep your silk flower arrangements around longer. If you have a porch using silk flowers in a vase or other container will add a nice fresh look. Again the key is keeping silk flowers out of the sunlight. Find the best spot on your porch or patio to ensure the silk flowers won’t have to deal with the sun’s rays.

Another tip to ensuring the lifespan of silk flower arrangements is to invest in spray for the silk flowers. If you spray the faux flowers with any clear matte finish, including the leaves for silk flowers and plants it will help to reduce fading colors. Make sure that the clear spray finish is non-yellowing. You can use a spray with a matte finish for your silk flowers, or for more of a shine you can use a gloss on your silk flower arrangements.

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